RWA 2015

NYC 2015 was a banner year for RWA’s annual conference – just a few weeks after registration went on sale, the whole thing was sold out!

I kept my disappointment to myself and figured I’d try again another year. Until Avon FanLit happened, and editor Tessa Woodward asked to see who was in attendance at this year’s RWA and would any of us care to meet up in town?

For those of us who’ve grown up on Avon books, and whose idols and favorite authors write for that publication, an invite like this can’t be ignored.

So I called up a good friend from high school, and wrangled a place to stay in the city. Consolidated my airline miles, and booked a flight to the big city. And desperately emailed the good old folks at RWA, hoping a spot on the waitlist or a ticket opened up.

Keep your fingers crossed please, because either way – I’ll be in the city next week for a four-day getaway, hoping for fun with the Avon editors, my FanLit friends, and the passionate critters!

Published by Anne-Marie Rivers

Anne-Marie Rivers is a Regency romance novelist, represented by Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein. Learn more at

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