Meet Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Rivers writes Regency romances that combine intrigue, humor, and love. Set against the backdrop of post-Napoleonic Europe, the heroines & heroes of “The Secret Lives of Regency Spies,” her current in-progress series, work to disrupt and uncover a mole within British intelligence who threatens Europe’s fragile new peace. Anne-Marie was selected as the firstContinue reading “Meet Anne-Marie”

The Seeking Scandal Series

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing each book in The Seeking Scandal Series: Four men, full of temptation & trouble. Four women who ought to know better. The series mixes the high society hijinx of GOSSIP GIRL with the humor and romance of beloved authors such as Julie Anne Long and Julia Quinn.Continue reading “The Seeking Scandal Series”

Regency Word of the Week: Curricle

When I first began reading Regency romance, there were so many new words and phrases I’d never heard before. Pre-ereaders and instant definitions, I mostly relied on context clues and guessing. No more. I bring you… … (drumroll)… The Regency Word of the Week! Each week, I’ll be highlighting a word that might bear aContinue reading “Regency Word of the Week: Curricle”

Avon’s Amazing #AvonFanLit

Avon – the publishing powerhouse behind some of the world’s most beloved romances – brought back their much-beloved Avon Fan Lit¬†contest. Cue glee! Best known for discovering bestsellers Tessa Dare & Courtney Milan, Avon Fan Lit is a write-your-own-adventure extravaganza where each participant¬†writes their chapter based off a prompt, and the winning chapter determines whereContinue reading “Avon’s Amazing #AvonFanLit”