The Secret Lives of Regency Spies

Four female spies – a recruit, an undercover agent, a diplomat’s widow, and their spymaster – are hunting a double agent in British Intelligence and on a course to change history. 


When Lady Lucy Burroughs’ father dies, she’s left at the mercy of the new earl, a lecherous boor who makes every minute in her ancestral home a fraught nightmare – until a mysterious offer arrives to give her a way out: become an intelligence officer for the Crown.

For Thomas Sunderland, an elite agent injured in the line of duty, training the pampered children of privilege to become field agents isn’t the assignment he’d wanted. Lucy has the basic requirements England seeks – fluency in languages, the ability to move amongst high society, no immediate family – but it’s Thomas’ task to give her the skills she needs. As he teaches Lucy how to navigate the dangers she might face, they begin to realize the dangers are already real, and that no amount of training could have prepared them for the greatest risk of all: love.

LOVE, LIES & SCANDAL: The Undercover Agent

The mysterious English officer who frequents British undercover agent Cecilia Bonheur’s elegant, exclusive house of seduction outside Paris never takes a woman when he visits, only information. Intrigued by the handsome stranger, Cecilia strikes up a friendship, only to realize this man might be the key to finding the weak link in her British Intelligence ring. A mole is suspected, one who targeted England’s secret recruits and threatens its future.

Owen Langston keeps his friends close, and his secrets closer, but when the lovely Cecilia notices him at last, he’s tempted to share his life – and his burdens – for the first time. The life he leads doesn’t make love easy, but it’s all Owen has known, and he can’t give it up, not now. Not yet. Until this final mission is complete, his life belongs to the Crown. When Cecilia receives her newest orders – betray Owen to draw out the traitor – her choice is clear. But will her heart allow her to make it?

TO THE VISCOUNT, WITH LOVE: The Diplomat’s Widow

One year after her husband dies under mysterious circumstances abroad, Lady Jane Marshall is still at a loss. The life of a diplomat’s wife is all she’s known. When Viscount Henry Conrad, her late husband’s best friend, returns to England and reveals her late husband was a spy, Jane’s heart breaks all over again for the life that turned out to be a lie.

Henry has loved Jane from afar for years, but now, in order to complete his and Reginald’s mission, he needs her help to uncover a missing letter that may yield a clue to the identity of the double agent working against the Crown. As their passion grows more intense, Jane must choose: the sheltered, safe life she’s always known, or one of excitement and danger – with Henry.


Lady Elizabeth Darrow has always been a bluestocking, but her quiet exterior hides a secret: she’s one of England’s most notorious spymasters. Her talent for code-breaking propelled her up through the espionage ranks, and now the woman known as Birdie to her closest friends is tasked with saving the Crown from a treacherous double agent. There’s just one problem. She must work with James Alexander, the notorious duke of Durham, the man whom she’d long ago betrayed.

A decorated war hero who had his fill of death and destruction, James uses charm and seduction to flout the rules and rarely takes life seriously. As he & Elizabeth race the clock to unmask the traitor at last and learn to resolve their differences for the greater good, will their passion for their work become something more?

4 thoughts on “The Secret Lives of Regency Spies

  1. Hello Anne-Marie
    Can you advise when
    your series of books Are to be published and will it be with Avon
    Helen. Australia


  2. Hello Anne-Marie
    Almost twelve months later, are you any closer in getting published.I know it takes a loooooong time to get anywhere, you have to have patience. Still waiting, she says with a grin…..Helen


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